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About Us

All at sea entertainment is an agency solely created to bridge the gap between Australian singers & dancers and the major cruise lines around the world...

Explore By Day / Shine By Night

What other job will allow you to work as little as 10 hours a week, while seeing the world and being paid handsomely for it?

As an entertainer at sea you will have the opportunity to get off in every port (just like passengers), and have plenty of time to explore the cultural diversity of every city you visit. All of your accommodation, meals, laundry, medical care and in most cases flights to and from you home city are paid for so every dollar you earn onboard is yours to keep. Depending on the cruise line you're working for, the countries you sail to and your country of residence, more often than not, your income onboard is also TAX FREE. These are just a few reasons why working as an entertainer at sea is so popular.

Agents & Agencies

An incredible selection of talent

In the ever growing popular cruise market cruise lines are finding it harder to fill their ever growing fleet with quality performers without having to travel across the world to source new talent.